Analytics for Voice - Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer

Is this capability offered today?

Yes, this capability is supported today by the core Adobe Analytics SKUs.

Is it a new product SKU? How does the billing work?

Customers will need to plan for additional server calls. This is not offered as a discrete SKU currently. There is no additional price for the additional (voice) server call volume. These server calls will be treated as regular web server calls.

Which platforms would this be compatible with?

Platforms supported: Amazon Alexa; Google Assistant; Microsoft Cortana; Apple Siri

Is there other device ID or features that might be important to collect/consider? (For example, can the data distinguish between the Echo Dot and Echo Show -- Echo with screen?)

Most platforms do not actually publish device information that tracks unique features like a screen. However, you might have device capabilities like screen or camera to identify and distinguish between devices with capabilities like video and voice.

Are we using reserved variables (revars), or anything we can roll up or aggregate?

We are using most of the mobile app reserved variables (revars) such as launches, app ID, and so on.

Will this work with chatbots as well?


Is voice analytics integrated with other Adobe solutions like Adobe Target and Adobe Audience Manager?

The integration work is currently in progress. The Analytics data can already enable some high level A/B testing vi Adobe Target. More advanced capabilities are under development.

How do you identify visitors?

We use the visitor ID provided by the platform.

Do I create a new report suite?

The recommendation is to put the data into the same global report suite and then create a virtual report suite off the different app IDs. However, there might be certain cases pertaining to your organization that might require you to create a new report suite for it.