Virtual Report Suites

A virtual report suite (VRS) sits on top of an existing implemented (base) report suite but comes with one or more pre-applied segment/s.

This way, you can give users permission to pre-segmented report suites - think of them as restricted segments. As your organization pushes more data into Adobe Analytics, you will want to limit data sets and reporting to specific segments. This way, you can ensure that business users in your organization see only the data that is relevant to them.

For example, you might have a global report suite but want to restrict regional users to data specific to their geographies. You would create geo-specific virtual report suites, such as an "EMEA" virtual report suite. You would then set up group permissions so that only EMEA users can see EMEA data. Other examples include creating specific virtual report suites at a brand level, if you are dealing with multiple brands, or at a business unit level.

Virtual reports suites help:

A virtual report suite (VRS) inherits most of the service levels of the base report suite, such as eVar settings, Processing Rules, Classifications, etc. The following settings are NOT inherited:

Note: A virtual report suite can have only one parent report suite.

Virtual Report Suites versus Base/Parent Report Suites

Capability Virtual Report Suite Base/Parent Report Suite
Offers real-time or "Current Data" reporting No Yes
Works in all Analytics Tools (Report Builder, Ad Hoc Analysis, Analysis Workspace, etc.) Yes
Note: You can edit and identify them as virtual report suites only in Reports & Analytics. However, you can select them in report suite drop-downs in the other tools.
Can upload data to it (via SAINT classifications, data feeds, etc.) No Yes
Supports creation of DL Reports, bookmarks, dashboards, targets, alerts, segments, calculated metrics... Yes Yes
Can be individually added to Permissions Groups Yes Yes
Can use Admin functions to modify individual settings on this report suite (Admin > Report Suites) No (settings are inherited from parent) Yes