Add a classification rule to a rule set

Steps that describe how to add or edit a classification rule.

Add rules by matching a condition to a classification, and specifying the action.

Note: In this procedure, you must apply the rules to one or more report suites. The recommended number of rules per rule set is between 500 and 1000, although there are no limits. If you have over 100 rules, consider simplifying your rule set by using sub-classifications.
  1. Create a classification rule set.
  2. On the rule set page, click Add Rule.

  3. Next to Report Suites, click Add Suites to specify one or more report suites to assign to this rule set.

    The Select Report Suites page displays.

    Note: Report suites display on this page only when the following conditions are met:
    • The report suites have at least one classification defined for that variable in Admin Tools.

      (See Variable in Classification Rule Sets for an explanation about this prerequisite.)

    • You selected the report suite on the Available Report Suites page, which displays after you click Add Rule Set to create the rule set.
  4. Specify whether to overwrite existing values:
    Option Description
    Rules overwrite any existing values (Default setting) Always overwrite existing classification keys, including classifications uploaded via the importer (SAINT).
    Rules overwrite only unset values Only fill in blank (unset) cells. Existing classifications will not be changed.
  5. Define the rule or rules.

    For examples of building rules, see Classification Rule Builder and Regular Expressions in Classification Rules.

    Note: If a key matches multiple rules that set the same classification (in the Set Classification column), the last rule that matches the classification is used. See About Rule Priority for more information about sorting rules.
  6. Test your rule set.
  7. After testing, click Active to validate and activate the rule.

    Activating a rule automatically builds the file and uploads it for you.

    Field definitions: See Classification Rule Builder for complete definitions of interface options on this page.