Time Spent per Visit Report

Displays the amount of time that visitors spend on your entire site during each visit. The time spent per visitor is calculated in seconds. You can use this report to gauge how long people are staying on your site, identify what site content or promotions are engaging visitor interest, and to find out why you have high traffic but short visits.

Note: See Time Spent for metric calculation examples.

General Properties of the Report

  • This report is automatically populated based on the timestamp of the first and last image request of a visit.
  • This report requires at least two image requests per visit in order to populate data. Visits with a single image request are not included in this report. Meaning, this report will not match the visits report for the same time period.
  • Only nine line items can be displayed in this report:
    • Less than 1 minute
    • 1-5 minutes
    • 5-10 minutes
    • 10-30 minutes
    • 30-60 minutes
    • 1-2 hours
    • 2-5 hours
    • 5-10 hours
    • 10-15 hours
    • There cannot be buckets higher than this, because a visit expires after 12 hours of activity.
  • The following metrics can be used in this report (depending on organization and report suite settings):
    • Visits (Report Specific)
    • All standard eCommerce metrics: Revenue, Orders, Units, Carts, Cart Views, Checkouts, Cart Additions, Cart Removals.
    • All custom events: Events 1-80, and Events 81-100 if on H22 code or higher
  • This report can be viewed in trended and ranked formats.

Product-Specific Properties

Version 13.5

  • This report can be accessed by going to

    Paths > Pages > Complete Paths > Time Spent per Visit

  • A pie graph is displayed instead of bars when in ranked format.

Version 14

  • Site Metrics > Time Spent per Visit (provided the menu is not customized).
  • This report can be broken down by the following reports when in ranked format:
    • Tracking Codes report and classifications
    • Products and Categories reports
    • Customer Loyalty report
    • All fully-subrelated eVars

Version 15

  • This report can also be accessed by going to

    Site Metrics | Time Spent per Visit

  • Visits (Report Specific) are replaced by Instances.
  • In addition to all the breakdowns listed in version 14, this report can also be broken down by the following:
    • Pages and Site Sections, and all associated classifications
    • Entry Pages
    • Most Traffic Sources reports
    • Visit Number
    • Many Visitor Profile Reports
    • All conversion variables and list variables
    • Target report
    • Marketing Channels First and Last Touch
  • Visits, Daily Unique Visitors, and Unique Visitors are available as metrics.
  • This report can utilize segments.

Ad Hoc Analysis

  • You can break down the Time Spent per Visit report by essentially all other reports in the marketing report interface.
  • In addition to all previously mentioned events, you can use all conversion and traffic metrics, as well as different allocation for all conversion metrics.
  • This report can use multiple highly advanced segments.