Page Views

A trended report that displays the number of times your website pages were viewed for the selected time period (hour, day, week, month, quarter, or year). This report allows you to track page views for each page on your site, as well as an aggregate of page views for your entire site.

A page view is a request for a full page document rather than an element of a page, such as an image or video. For example, if a single visitor views 15 pages during a visit, 15 page views are counted. If a visitor views the same page three times during a visit, three page views are counted.

Report Properties

Product-Specific Information

Reports & Analytics

Site Content > Page Views

This report can use segments.

Ad hoc analysis

  • Breaks down each item in this report by all other reports and variables, allowing you to see breakdowns by any granularity.
  • You can use all conversion and traffic metrics in this report, as well as different allocation for all conversion metrics.
  • This report can use multiple highly advanced segments.