JavaScript Support

Shows metrics based on whether the device has JavaScript enabled, disabled, or whether it is counted as "unidentified".

Note: In early November 2016, we plan to remove the restriction where JavaScript is always listed as disabled / unidentified for Mobile devices.

The JavaScript report correspond to the column javascript in the raw data.

javascript is a visit-level field, so it persists the value from the first hit in the visit. The column javascript is based on the first value present in the j_jscript column (like a visit_referrer will only persist the first referrer of the visit).

j_jscript is populated from the parameter j from the Adobe Analytics image request.

Here is an example:

Hit j_jscript javascript
1 0
2 1.6 0
3 1.6 0

As a result, it does not matter if you had a javascript version specified at some point in the visit - it will always be displayed as not Javascript because the first hit did not contain any value for j_jscript.