Shows where visitors leave (fallout) and continue through (fallthrough) a pre-specified sequence of pages. It displays conversion and fallout rates between each step. For example, you can track a visitor's fallout points during a buying process. You select a beginning point and a conclusion point, and add intermediate points to create a website navigation path.

This report is useful to analyze:

Analysis Workspace

See Customer Journey - Fallout.

Reports and Analytics

See Running a Fallout Report in Help for configuration information.

Ad Hoc Analysis

Analyze fallout data at the Visit or Visitor level. You can also see a trended path that shows you a graph of your fallout over a specific period. You can set single or groups of pages as the report checkpoints, or add any dimension or metric in any combination or sequence. You can also use categories that you configure in marketing reports as checkpoints in this report.

See Fallout Report in Help for configuration information.