Provides comprehensive, accurate, and detailed analysis of customer activity. Metrics such as campaign management, sales cycle, customer fallout, and customer conversion let you measure e-commerce transactions, sources of sales, advertising effectiveness, customer loyalty, and more.

For example, if you want to see what type of internal campaigns on your home page might result in purchases, you first must capture the internal tracking codes and set persistence to a period of one visit for the s.eVar that captures internal campaigns. When a success event is completed (like purchase), the credit for that success is given to any Conversion Variables that are persistent on the visitor, such as Internal Campaign ID. By running the Internal Campaign Report, you can see which campaign generated the most onsite conversion.

Some out-of-the-box reports contain both Traffic and Conversion metrics (such as the Search Engine reports). However, Traffic and Conversion reports are unique to your organization and are displayed in the Traffic and Conversion menus.

Report Properties