Lists the browser versions used to visit your site as identified by the user agent string.

For example:

Google Chrome 30.0
Mozilla Firefox 25.0
Google Chrome 31.0
Mozilla Firefox 24.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
Safari 7.0
Safari 6.0.5
Safari 6.1
Mozilla Firefox 23.0
Google Chrome 29.0
Mozilla Firefox 17.0
Mozilla Firefox 22.0
Google Chrome 28.0
Mozilla Firefox 21.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome 27.0
Mozilla Firefox 20.0

The Browsers report might contain a browser with an unknown version.

Adobe Analytics uses a lookup table to populate the browsers report. These lookup table entries are version-specific. Therefore, when an organization (such as Mozilla) updates their browser, Analytics doesn't recognize the exact version used. When this event occurs, it specifies the general browser followed with an unknown version. For more information, see this Knowledge Base article.


Date Change
November 18, 2013 Mobile web browsers were added to the Browsers Report. Before this date, mobile web browsers were reported as "None". After this date, "None" was replaced with specific versions of mobile browsers.