Report Suite

A report suite defines the complete, independent reporting on a chosen website, set of websites, or subset of web pages. Usually, a report suite is one website, but it can be a global segment where you have combined several sites' numbers to get totals. When you log in to the Reports & Analytics, Ad Hoc Analysis, and Report Builder, you select one report suite to use (except when you use roll-ups that combine report suites).

A report suite can be smaller than a website, if want to run reports for a portion of your site. Analytics solutions aggregate and report on these data stores. Analytics > Admin > Report Suites (Report Suite Manager) lets you define the rules that govern how data is processed in a report suite.

Global report suite: Your implementation is altered to send image requests across domains into a single global report suite in addition to individual report suites.

Rollup report suite: Created in the Admin Tools. Takes the sum of each metric at the end of every day.

See Rollup and Global Report Suites for information about the differences between these report suite types.

Virtual Report Suites are created in Components > Virtual Report Suites. They allow the analyst to restrict data access for users based on specific segments by applying a segment to a report suite and creating a new view (Virtual Report Suite) based on that combination. More...