Social Owned Property

Displays detailed metric breakdowns for social properties and the posts on those properties.

These reports include:

Using these reports, you can view a large number of metric breakdowns that are provided by the social platform, such as:

Due to the large number of breakdowns available for the metrics provided by each social platform, metrics on these reports are combined into a single line item along with the specific breakdown. To use these reports, it is critical that you understand the data in Platform Interactions.

For example, interactions for a Facebook page might appear similar to the following:

Platform Interactions

Metrics for platform interactions are displayed along with any applied breakdowns in the following format:

platform | property vs post | insight type | insight value | metric
Field Description
platform Social platform that provided the metric.

Scope of the metric, either "property" or "post". Indicates if the metric applies to properties (such as a Facebook page or Twitter account), or to posts on those properties.

insight_type Insight type used to breakdown the metric. See Insight Breakdowns.
insight_value Insight value used as a filter for the metric breakdown. See Insight Breakdowns.
metric The metric that is represented by Owned Social Interactions on the report.

Insight Breakdowns

Each metric is displayed with one of the following breakdown levels pre-applied:

insight type | insight value Description

Metric total with no breakdown. For example:

facebook|property|aggregate|aggregate|net likes

Shows total likes.


Metric total for a specific insight. For example:


Shows total likes by all storytellers (Facebook defines storytellers as people who share stories about your page, such as liking, commenting, or posting to your page's wall.)


Metric total for a specific insight filtered by a specific insight value. For example:


Shows total comments from males.

Platform Interactions represent aggregated totals for posts or pages from all owned properties on the specified platform. These metrics are most useful when used to breakdown another report, as described in Report Descriptions.

Report Descriptions

Owned property metrics are typically viewed by breaking down a line item on the Owned Social Account and App Ids > Name Report by the Platform Interactions Report:

This breakdown lets you view interactions for a specific page.

Property and Post Reports

Report Description

All unique property or post identifiers across all owned properties.

Property vs app

All ids and names across all owned properties.


All property and post names across all owned properties.

Owned Social account and app Ids

Unclassified value that displays id | property vs app | name as a single line item.

Social Interactions Reports

Report Description

All social networks where you have owned properties. Breaking down platform by Owned Social Account and App Ids > name shows you all properties owned on a social platform.

Property vs post

Total number of properties (such as a Facebook pages or Twitter accounts), and posts (such as tweets) across all owned properties.

Insight type

All Insight types across all owned properties.

Insight value

All insight values across all owned properties.


All metrics reported across all owned properties.

Platform Interactions

Unclassified value that displays platform | property vs post | insight type | insight value | metric as a single line item.


  • To view additional breakdowns beyond the single level provided by marketing reports & analytics, create a segment to filter for a specific property name or post ID, or use report builder or ad hoc analytics to apply additional breakdowns.
  • Owned Social Interactions is the only metric with data for the Owned Social Account and App Ids Report and the Platform Interactions Report. The data represented by this metric varies based on the line item in the report.
  • Owned Social Account and App Ids Report and the Platform Interactions Report can be broken down only by each other. You cannot break down these reports using any other reports.