Real Time

Real-time reports display web page traffic and rank page views in real time, so that you can more quickly understand what is trending on your site.

For real-time reporting, Analytics uses high-frequency metrics and site analytics to visually report traffic and page view trending of dynamic news and retail web sites. Real-time understands trends in your data from minute to minute, within seconds of collection. It collects and streams data to the interface, using real-time correlation and tracking of content and some conversion.

Data Latency as a Result of A4T Configuration

After the A4T integration is enabled in Adobe Target, you will experience an additional 5-10 minutes of latency in Adobe Analytics. This latency increase allows data from Analytics and Target to be stored on the same hit, allowing you to break down tests by page and site section.

This increase is reflected in all Adobe Analytics services and tools, including the live stream and real-time reporting, and applies in the following scenarios:

  • For live stream, real-time reports & API requests, and current data for traffic variables, only hits with a supplemental data ID are delayed.

  • For current data on conversion metrics, finalized data, and data feeds, all hits are delayed an additional 5-7 minutes.

Be aware that the latency increase starts after you implement the Experience Cloud ID service, even if you have not fully implemented this integration.