Multi-Suite Tagging

The ability to send data to multiple report suites using a single image request.

If you have several web entities, a Global Report Suite can give you global totals for Traffic and Conversion Metrics and event Paths. To capture multiple Report Suites, set the multiple IDs into the s_account variable delimited by commas.

When you use multi-suite tagging or roll-up functionality to create a global report suite, you need to create a page naming strategy that works within a global report suite. Within a multi-suite environment, Adobe recommends that you add a brand and/or region identifier to each page name. This identifier will be most important in the global report suite because without it you cannot discern which pages belong to which web sites. To keep page names concise, consider using recognizable acronyms for each regional or brand-specific site:

“US:Home page”, “UK:Home page”, “FR:Home page”
“JJ Clothiers:Home page”, “JJ Travel:Home page”, “JJ Finance:Home page”


H Code:

If you want to call two report suites in the s_code.js file, you could use the following example:

s var_account="rsid1,rsid2"