Customize Dimension Permissions

Customize user access at a granular level, including eVars, traffic reports, solution reports, and pathing reports.

User Management > Groups > Report Access > Dimensions > Customize

Important: Some dimensions are not permissionable at this time. These dimensions are: Mobile Bookmark Length; Mobile Device Number; Mobile DRM; Mobile Information Services; Mobile Java VM; Mobile Mail Decoration; Mobile Net Protocols; Mobile OS; Mobile push to talk.

These dimensions are available for all users, regardless of other permissions.

The settings on this page pertain to the report suites selected on the Define User Groups page.

Understand the following information about the Dimension category for permissions.

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions about Permission Changes.

Customize Dimensions

The following items are dimensions that you can permission.

Element Descriptions


eVars 1-250 are individually permissioned. eVars are custom conversion variables that you use to segment conversion success metrics in custom reports.


Props are custom traffic variables.

See Traffic props and conversion eVars in Analytics Implementation.


The hierarchy (hierN) variable determines the location of a page in your site's hierarchy or page structure.


Similar to how List Props function, list variables allow multiple values within the same image request.


Refers to standard dimensions in Analytics.


Adobe Experience Manager


Adobe Media Optimizer

Activity Map

Activity Map reporting dimensions: Activity Map Page; Activity Map Link; Activity Map Region; Activity Map Link By Region; Activity Map XY


Adobe Mobile Services


This Partner integration is no longer active.


Partner integration.


Not used.