Classification Rule Builder

Rather than maintaining and uploading classifications each time your tracking codes change, you can create automatic, rule-based classifications and apply them across multiple report suites. Rules are processed at frequent intervals, depending on your volume of classification related traffic.

Getting Started with Classification Rules

Admin > Classification Rule Builder

Here are the high-level steps you take to classification rules:

Step Where Performed Description

(Prerequisite) Set up your classification schema.

Admin > Report Suites > Edit Settings > <Traffic Classifications or Conversion Classifications>

Choose a variable and define the classifications to use for that variable.

Variables must have at least one classification column created before they are available for use in rules.

Once classifications are enabled, you can use the importer and the rule builder to classify specific values.

Create a rule set.

Admin > Classification Rule Builder > Add Rule Set

A rule set is a group of classification rules for a specific variable.

Configure Report Suites and Variables.

Classification Rule Builder > <your rule set>

Apply the rule set to report suites and variables.

Add classification rules to the set.

Classification Rule Builder > <your rule set>

Match a condition to a classification, and then specifying the action to take for the rule.

Be familiar with the information in How Rules Are Processed.

Test a classification rule set.

Testing Page

You will want to test rules for validation by editing them in Draft mode. In Draft mode, rules cannot run.

This step is important when using regular expressions.

Activate valid rules.

Rules Page

Once rules are valid, activate the rule set.

You can overwrite existing keys, if necessary. See How Rules Are Processed.

(Optional) Delete unwanted rules.

Rules Page

Delete unwanted rules from a set.

Note: Deleting rules does not delete classified data uploaded.

See Delete classification data if you need to delete classified data.

Note: Groups with permissions to use the classification import tool can use classification rules. See How Rules Are Processed for important processing information.

Additional Resources

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Video: Visit YouTube for the Overview of Classifications video.