Classification Hierarchies

The Classification Hierarchies page lets you define classification hierarchies that you can use to create Hierarchy reports with the same name.

A Hierarchy report lets you drill down into increasingly refined data sets, based on the classification hierarchy, so you can more easily view data relationships.

You can build classification hierarchies for web pages, campaigns, products, or any other report variable. The Hierarchy report displays units, orders, and revenue for each of the variable classifications in the hierarchy.

For example, if a Product hierarchy includes Apparel > Men's Clothing > Shirts > Polo Shirts > XL Polo Shirts, the Hierarchy report displays sales data for the Apparel classification. You can then drill down to see data about Men's Clothing, Shirts, Polo Shirts, and XL Polo Shirts. Classification hierarchies let you quickly identify how each classification in the hierarchy contributes to Apparel performance.

Create the classifications before adding them to a hierarchy.