Campaigns are defined and used in various ways in Experience Cloud products.

Product Description

Experience Cloud

Campaigns determine what content is displayed to whom (audience), where (locations), and when.

Reports and Analytics

A campaign is a marketing effort used to bring visitors to a specific website. Also, a campaign is a product feature or advertised product concept. If a campaign option were advertising a credit card, the campaign would be a series of creative elements (creatives) advertising the interest rate. A second campaign would be a series of creatives to advertise any value added services that come with the card.

See Campaigns.

See campaign in the Implementation Guide.


A campaign, also known in Target as Activity, is your means of controlling what content to show to whom, and when to show it. There are several types of campaigns, including:

  • Multivariate test
  • A/B tests
  • Optimizing campaigns
  • 1:1 campaigns
  • Display ad campaigns
  • Landing page campaign
  • Monitoring campaigns

See Campaigns in Target help.