Numeric 2 Classifications

Numeric 2 classifications provide custom, flexible metrics that you can import into the Adobe Experience Cloud via the importer.

Important: As of May 10, 2018, no new Numeric classifications can be added. Existing numeric classifications can still be managed (uploaded to, deleted) through the standard classification workflow, and will continue to be available in reporting.

A common way to use numeric 2 classifications is for numeric variables that change over time for different items, such as the cost of goods sold. In admin, you can create classifications on the Conversion Classification page, and then use the importer to export a file, make edits, and then import the file back in to Adobe. After importing the data, you can use the numeric classifications when creating calculated metrics.

Important: Analysis Workspace and Ad Hoc Analysis do not support Numeric 2 classifications.

The following table illustrates the differences among classification types:

Displays as a report Yes No No
Can be used as a metric No Yes Yes
Can be created on the base report Yes No Yes
Calculated based on events No Yes Yes
Multiple rows per key No No Yes
Can have different values for different time periods No No Yes
Can be used in calculated metrics No Yes Yes