Example 4: (Advanced) Multiple Row per Time Period

Numeric 2 classifications provide multiple rows per time period to reflect multiple costs. Every item can have as many rows of costs for any arbitrary time periods that the report calls for.

In this example, you add a $500 shipping charge to Product1 for January, and a $600 shipping charge to February.

Key MyText ~MyCost ~MyCost^~id~ ~MyCost^~value~
Product1 Text1 Cost1_jan_var 1 .2
Product1 Text1 Cost2_jan_fixed   500
Product1 Text1 Cost1_feb_var 2 .15
Product1 Text1 Cost2_feb_fixed   600
~MyCost^~period~ ~MyCost^~rate~ ~MyCost^~hinge~
2010/01/01 - 2010/01/31 revenue revenue
2010/01/01 - 2010/01/31 fixed none
2010/02/01 - 2010/01/31 revenue revenue
2010/02/01 - 2010/01/31 fixed none

The rows that were previously imported have an ID, which indicates that they are not new costs.


An example of output from the report is shown here:

Period: Jan 2010

Report: Products

Products Revenue MyCost
Product1 $10,000.23 $2500.05