ASI Slots

Advanced Segment Insight (ASI) is a legacy version 14 feature that is replaced by native segmentation and virtual report suites in Adobe Analytics.

Important: Starting in the fall of 2016, you will no longer be able to create and edit ASI slots and no additional data will be processed into ASI slots. The existing data in ASI slots will remain in place for reporting purposes in the Adobe Analytics/SiteCatalyst user interface according to your data retention policy.

If you are using ASI slots to grant permissions to specific data, begin evaluating the use of virtual report suites instead, as soon as possible.

Note: The ASI interface is not available in Reports & Analytics.

ASI slots no longer process after you upgrade to Analytics version 15 or above. However, most use cases should be resolved through segmentation. Here are a few distinctions to be aware of:


For more information on the Analytics segment interface, see the Analytics Segmentation Guide.

Data Availability

ASI processes from a specified date forward. Creating a segment for historical data is possible but time consuming.

Marketing report segments apply to all data on the new platform, as of your upgrade date. After you create a segment, you can immediately apply it to a report.

Processing vs. Filtering

ASI reprocesses data. This can cause some data discrepancies due to eVar persistence and similar factors. As such, VISTA rules running on the ASI report suite can change the data, rather than just filter out some traffic.

Marketing report segments act as filters at the Visit, Visitor, or Hit level. Rather than re-processing data, the filters remove data that falls outside of the criteria. As such, VISTA rules cannot change the data in a report segment. (If you need to re-process data after upgrading, contact Engineering Services.)


With ASI, users can be restricted to see just one or more ASI report suites, if needed.

Segment permissions in marketing reports differ between Admin-level and non-Admin users.