Create a Target Audience

You can create a Target audience that can be used to run targeted and personalized activities by using the same target location. Some commonly used audiences are pre-built so that they can be easily added to an audience in one click.

Important: Starting in March 2018, Adobe Target workflows will no longer be available in Adobe Mobile Services. For more information about this process, see Decommissioning Target Workflows in Mobile Services. To see the Target documentation, go to Adobe Target.

For more information about Target audiences, see Audiences.

  1. Click Target > Audiences > Create New.
  2. For Rule #1, select the attribute type.

    When you click on a type, additional drop-down lists appear from which you can select additional options.

    Element Description


    The geographical location of the user.


    The ISP or connection speed of the user.

    Mobile Lifecycle

    Select from a variety of different mobile lifecycle parameters.


    Create your own parameter.

    Custom parameters are valid only during the session. Profile parameters are stored on the user's profile and are valid cross sessions and channels.

    Visitor Profile

    Select from new or returning visitors.

  3. (Optional) Click Add Rule to add additional rules for your audience.

    For example, you want to create an audience that includes users who are visiting for the first time and who are also located in Utah. You need to add a second rule and select the attribute type Visitor Profile and select New Visitor in the drop-down box.

  4. Click Next
  5. Type an audience name and click Save.