Create a Target Activity

You can create an A/B test or Experience Targeting (XT) activity to show Experience A to one set of users and Experience B to a second set of users. The goal is to see how these two experiences impact registration.

Important: Starting in March 2018, Adobe Target workflows will no longer be available in Adobe Mobile Services. For more information about this process, see Decommissioning Target Workflows in Mobile Services. To see the Target documentation, go to Adobe Target.

The illustrations in this topic are from the Adobe Mobile Services UI. You can create this activity in the Target UI by using the Form-based experience composer. For more information about Target activities, see Activities.

Important: You can display your activities before you publish them. For more information, see Adobe Target Preview.
  1. Click Target > Activities > Create New.
  2. Type an activity name.
  3. Move the Active slider to On.
  4. Select today's date as the start date and select an end date.
  5. Select your Audience and Content Location.
  6. Click Test Experience to set your control.


  7. Type an experience by clicking Select Offer to select an offer from your content library.
    Important: Toggling between and allows you to switch the activity from an A/B test to Experience Targeting (XT). With XT, you can select a specific segment or audience that you created. For more information, see Create a Target Audience and Experience Targeting.
  8. Click Save.
  9. On the Information page, click Add Experience and repeat step 7.
    You have added two experiences, and you are allocating 50% traffic to each experience.
  10. In Success Location, type a location.

    This field is case sensitive and the information that you typed should be identical to what you tagged in xcode.

  11. Click Save.

    Your activity should now look like the image below. For more information about Target reports, see Reports.

    To open Target Standard/Premium and view reports on the activity:

    1. Click Target > Activities.

    2. Select an activity.

    3. At the bottom of the page, click View Reports.