Enable SSL

In order to send hits via HTTPS from your device to Adobe Bloodhound, you must download and install a CA Certificate on your device. The CA Certificate is available from the Bloodhound Info page.

  1. Browse to http://hostname:port, where the hostname and port are the server where Adobe Bloodhound is running. For example,
  2. Click Download CA Certificate.
  3. Install the bh.cer certificate file you downloaded on your test mobile devices.
  4. In Adobe Bloodhound, click the Setup tab, and enter your Analytics server into the Analytics SSL Server field. Your Analytics server can be found in your ADBMobileConfig.json configuration file
  5. On your mobile device, set the proxy to the hostname and port where Adobe Bloodhound is running. See Configure Devices to Send Hits to Adobe Bloodhound.
  6. Send hits from your mobile device.
  7. A dialog appears on the system where Adobe Bloodhound is running, prompting you to accept the connection. After you accept the connection, SSL hits are captured in Adobe Bloodhound.