Marketers can create tracking links to promote and drive traffic to their apps. These tracking links can drive users to app stores, app deep links, and interstitials, which can be correlated to in-app behavior. A marketer can create one link to route users to iOS, Android, or other platforms as appropriate.

You can create, edit, manage, and view reports on trackable mobile app marketing links.

Tip: This functionality requires the Adobe Analytics - Mobile Apps or the Adobe Analytics Premium SKU.

The following Acquisition reports provide insight into how your marketing links are performing:


This report displays the top campaigns that drove users to your app with information about how the campaigns performed across other tracking metadata such as acquisition source, medium, term, and content.

Link Report

This report provides a ranked view into your marketing links performance. In addition to seeing your link names with key performance metrics, this report is also customizable. For more information, see Customize Reports.

Remember the following information:

  • You can click the arrow icons in the column headers to sort the data in ascending or descending order.
  • To export the data to a PDF document, you can click Download.