Implement the Experience Cloud ID Service with DTM

Follow these steps to implement the ID service with Dynamic Tag Management (DTM).


Before you begin:

Implementation Steps

To implement the ID service with DTM:

  1. In the DTM Dashboard, click the web property you want to work with.
  2. In the Overview tab of your selected web property, click Add a Tool.
  3. In the Tool Type list, click Experience Cloud ID Service.
    Note: This action populates the Experience Cloud Organization ID box with your Organization ID. If your DTM account is not linked to the Experience Cloud, you will have to provide this ID. To link your account, see Link Accounts in the Experience Cloud. See the requirements for information about how to find your Organization ID.
  4. Type the name of your tracking server in the Tracking Server box. If you're not sure how to find your tracking server see the FAQ and Correctly Populate the trackingServer and trackingServerSecure variables.
  5. Click Create Tool and Save Changes.
Next Steps

After saving, the ID service is set up as a tool in DTM. However, it is not ready to use yet. Your DTM tool still has to go through the DTM publishing/approval process and you may want to configure additional parameters. For information about the DTM approval process, see the User Basics Jump Start video. For information about the additional parameters you can add to DTM, see Experience Cloud ID Service Settings for DTM.