Experience Cloud Assets provide a single, centralized repository of marketing-ready assets that you can share across solutions. An asset is a digital document, image, video, or audio (or part thereof) that can have multiple renditions and can have sub-assets (for example, layers in a Photoshop file, slides in a PowerPoint file, pages in a PDF, files in a ZIP).

Asset services include:

Using assets improves consistency and brand compliance, and speeds time to market. You can streamline workflows in solutions:

In Experience Cloud Assets, you can:

Navigate to Experience Cloud Assets

Access the toolbar

Navigate to an asset (or asset directory), then click Select.

The toolbar provides quick access to features, including Search, Timeline, Renditions, Edit, Annotate, and Download.

Edit assets

Editing an asset enables features, including:

  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Flip

Search for assets

You can search by keyword, file type, size, last modified, publish status, orientation and style.

Annotate assets

Click Annotate by drawing circles or arrows on an image, and annotate the asset for review by coworkers.

Share an asset to your feed

Click Share from the toolbar to share the asset as feed to other Experience Cloud users.

Sharing displays the image on your Feed page and with whomever you have shared the card.

View full-screen assets, and zoom

Click Views > Image to view the full asset image and enable zoom.

View asset properties

Choose between card view with properties, list view, and column view to more easily to find your assets.

Click Views > Properties to view an asset's properties:

Run usage reports

See the number of users, storage used, and total assets.

Click Tools > Reports > Usage Report