Getting Started with Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels are commonly used to provide insight on how visitors arrive on your site. You can customize your Marketing Channel Processing Rules based on what channels you want to track, and how you want to track them.

Marketing Channels revolve around First and Last Touch metrics, which are components of standard conversion metrics.

Getting Started Tasks

Define each channel based on your business requirements.

Defining the channels you use is one of the most important components of Marketing Channels. Defining the channels can require collaboration between several individuals in your organization. Here are a few questions to consider:

A list of recommended channels can be found in Frequently asked questions and examples. Create a list of channels you want to use, so that enabling and defining them is easier when you create channels.

Add marketing channels on the Marketing Channel Manager page.

After defining what channels to track, you enable them in Admin > Report Suites.

See About channels and rules for important prerequisite and conceptual information.

See Add marketing channels for the procedure.

Note: If Marketing Channels have not been previously configured, the automatic setup displays. This setup provides several pre-configured channels that you can customize. Adobe recommends that you use these rules as a template. However, if you already have solid channel definitions, you can skip the automatic setup.

Configure or refine each channels' rules on the Marketing Channel Processing Rules page.

After you create channels on the Marketing Channel Manager page, you configure the rules so that channels can retrieve and report data.

See Processing rules for Marketing Channels.

If channels were created in the automatic setup, the rules in those channels are defined. You can modify them to suit your needs.