Identity Integration

Describes options for adding user authentication to Livefyre Apps, including Janrain Capture or your own identity service.

On this page:

Livefyre Apps include rich interactive function like posting a comment, writing a review, or liking content. In order to have your users interact with Livefyre Apps, you’ll need to integrate Livefyre with an identity service using Livefyre.js Auth.

Livefyre.js Auth provides centralized authenticatio for all Livefyre Apps across your site and puts you in charge of exactly how users should log in and register. Add Auth globally to your site’s template and use it on all pages, or add it once per page, and when your users have signed in Livefyre JS Auth will automatically broadcast the user’s information to all Apps on the page.

Whether you’ve built a custom identity service or are using a third-party identity service like Janrain Capture, this section covers everything you need to know to integrate.