Add the userPrivacyOptOut flag to the page to allow a site visitor to opt out of this tracking.

Livefyre provides JavaScript events to track user activity in your Livefyre Apps.

If you embed Livefyre Apps and a visitor does not consent to tracking, you can dynamically configure Livefyre to disable functionality to ensure the visitor’s privacy.

When configured, Livefyre will:

Configure a Page for Opt-Out

Integrations embedding Livefyre Apps can configure Livefyre when a site visitor has not granted consent using a single JavaScript variable.


  1. Add the userPrivacyOptOut flag to the page before the Livefyre.js JavaScript:

    window.Livefyre = {userPrivacyOptOut: true};
  2. Add Livefyre.js to the page anywhere after userPrivacyOptOut.

    Livefyre Apps instantiate with the elevated privacy settings.

    Note: Do not change the value of userPrivacyOptOut once Livefyre Apps have loaded.

Ensure that your consent workflow sets the userPrivacyOptOut to true if a site visitor chooses to opt out.