You can change the warning text that displays on video masks using .

This text exists to comply with the GDPR regulation. If a source does not support a proxy, then Livefyre displays this text and a mask on the content unless a user clicks on the video and approves the potential tracking from that source.

If you do not use userPrivacyMaskDelegate, the following default text displays:

"This embedded content is from a site that may not support the current privacy settings in your browser that you have enabled for the site hosting the embedded content. Please note, if you elect to click through and view it anyway, you may be tracked by the site hosting the embedded content."

Add userPrivacyMaskDelegate after userPrivacyOptOut. You can add all the Livefyre privacy flags all at once as part of one Livefyre object.

Here is an example of how to use userPrivacyMaskDelegate:

userPrivacyMaskDelegate: function () {
    var container = document.createElement('div');
    var firstParagraph = document.createElement('p');
    firstParagraph.innerHTML = 'Text of first paragraph';
    var secondParagraph = document.createElement('p');
    secondParagraph.innerHTML = 'Text of second paragraph';
    return container;