Upgrading 6.0 to 6.1

Follow these steps to upgrade to Data Workbench v6.1.

Important: The client components are upgraded to run on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Client Upgrade

Important: Before upgrading to Client v6.1, the administrator must first upgrade to Server v6.1
  1. Launch Insight.exe and connect to any profile.

    Allow the client to synchronize with the server and you will be upgraded to the v6.1 client.

  2. Launch the newly updated Insight.exe client file.
  3. Modify the client configuration file, Insight.cfg, to support double-byte characters.

    Data Workbench currently supports both English and Simplified Chinese. Select fonts to support both of these languages:

    Fonts = vector: 2 items
    0 = string: SimSun
    1 = string: Arial 
  4. (optional) Employ the Input Method Editors (IME).

    The IME allows you to input international characters.

    See the localization documentation for more information on using and configuring the IME.

    1. In the Insight.cfg file, set Localized IME setting to true.
      # use localized Input Method Editor (OS language dependant) 
      Localized IME = bool: true
    2. Exit the client.
    3. Copy the downloaded v6.1 client package to the install folder.

      The insight.zbin file present in the install folder is a backup localization file, and must be present in the Insight directory. Other .zbin files can be employed depending on the command-line settings.

    4. To launch Simplified Chinese, create a shortcut that passes in the command-line setting -zh-cn, such as:
      Insight.exe -zh-cn
      Note: If you want to launch in English (default), no command-line change is necessary.
    5. Launch Insight.exe for English or the shortcut that you created for another language.
    6. Connect to your profile and allow the client to synchronize to the server.
    7. Exit out of the client and restart again after the profile synchronization to employ the most recent .zbin file.

The client installation is now complete.