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Release Notes

Contains new features, fixes, and known issues in all of the Experience Cloud solutions.

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Helps organizations dynamically test and present highly-customized experiences to a digital property in order to drive significantly higher conversion rates.

Helps organizations measure and manage marketing activities across owned, earned, and paid media, ensuring the impact of social is properly attributed.

Adobe Campaign offers marketers an automatic and intuitive solution for delivering personalized messages via online and offline marketing channels.

Audience Manager provides industry-leading services for online audience data management. Our product and services give digital advertisers and publishers the tools they need to control and leverage their data assets to help drive sales success.

The Advertising Cloud (formerly, Media Optimizer) is an independent, end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. It gives you a single programmatic solution for delivering TV, search, display, and social advertising across any screen, in any format.

Adobe Primetime is a multiscreen TV platform that helps media companies create and monetize engaging, personalized viewing experiences.

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