Library Management - Adobe Target

Descriptions of the fields and options in the Adobe Target Library Management settings in dynamic tag management.

Property > Edit Tool > Library Management

Element Description

Load Adobe Target Library synchronously

This option ensures the at.js or mbox.js code is loaded synchronously in the <head> section. It is generally recommended that you leave this option enabled. It is an Adobe Target best practice to load the code in this way.

Code Configuration

Managed by Adobe:(mbox.js only) This option is equivalent to the Automatic configuration method available when creating the tool. This option loads the mbox.js code directly from Adobe.

This feature optimizes the configuration process when using a manual method, because no more copying or pasting from the Adobe Target admin console is required.

  • You must be logged in via Marketing Cloud or have provided the appropriate Client Code for this option to be available.
  • Clicking Check for Updates automatically checks for new versions of the mbox.js code within your associated Adobe Target account. If a new version is identified, you have the option to use it or retain the current version.

Custom: You can manually configure the at.js or mbox.js code. Two methods are available to manually host the code in dynamic tag management:

  • In DTM: Click Edit Code and paste the code in the editor. If you were using Managed by Adobe and switch to custom, the editor automatically populates with your mbox.js code. You can replace this with the content of the at.js library.
  • At URL: If your at.js or mbox.js is configured as desired, you can provide the URL to the file. Dynamic tag management will consume it for use in the Adobe Target tool.