Add Users to Groups

Add (invite) users to existing groups.

  1. From your company dashboard, click Groups.
  2. Click Edit next to an existing group.

    You can also invite users while creating new groups as explained in Create a New Group.

  3. From the Add User drop-down list, select a user's email address, then click Add User to Group.

    The drop-down list is populated with the available users in your system. As you add users, their email addresses are removed from the drop-down list.

    Each user will receive an email message with a link to accept group membership. Users will not display in the list until they accept invitations.

  4. Add additional users as needed.
  5. Click Save Group.

From your company dashboard, you can click the Users tab to view a list of users and see related information: name, email address, updated by, and which groups they belong to (Admin, Users, and so forth).

If a user belongs to multiple groups, the displayed role is the role with the highest level of access. For example, if a user has the User role for some properties and the Admin role for other properties, Admin displays in the list, as shown below:

You can click Revoke to rescind an invitation for a specific user or click Resend to send the invitation email message to the user again.

You can also add users to groups for a specific property by navigating to the property (your company dashboard > the desired property) and then by clicking the Manage Groups button.