Managing Users and the Publish Workflow

Dynamic tag management is based on a roles-oriented platform that lets you control the process.

Roles include the following:

Role Description
Users Create and test rules.
Approvers Review and approve rules, making approved states of rules publishable.
Publishers Publish rules to the production site. Only approved rules are published.
Administrators Create and manage users, as well as inheriting rights from the three preceding roles.

Publishing Workflow

  1. A rule is saved.
  2. The rule is automatically pushed to your staging site where you can perform testing.
  3. The saved rule is funneled into the approval queue, where the details of the rule can be viewed in summary.
  4. The Approver, Approver & Publisher, or Administrator level user approves the rule.
  5. The rule goes into the publishing queue.
  6. In the publishing queue, the Admin, Publisher, or Approver & Publisher level user must publish the rule before it goes live.

    If you make changes to a published rule, the changes are not published to the site until they have been funneled through the approval process.

    This process ensures that only approved rules and rule revisions are published to your live site. This approval process also retains all past and present revision information. This retention makes it easy to follow a rule’s history and pin-points when an issue may have occurred.

For details, see Users and Permissions.