Privacy Management Settings

For solutions deployed via dynamic tag management, you can configure the user experience for opting out of data collection and personalization.

Note: This feature is available on a limited basis and must be enabled by Adobe.

About Privacy Management

Companies on the web are legally required to notify users about how Adobe uses browser cookies to aggregate and analyze data about a visitor's website activity. Visitors can decide to be excluded from the data collection process. Privacy Management enables you to simplify and streamline this experience for the visitor.

Programmatically, the Privacy Management feature leverages the existing opt-out mechanisms used by each Marketing Cloud solution.

Sample Opt-out Experience

Developers who want to use a custom interface should refer to the Privacy Manager API.

Access to Privacy Management

To access Privacy Management:

  1. Contact Adobe Customer Care to activate Privacy Management.

    Once enabled, look for Privacy Management on the Overview tab:

  2. To configure Privacy Management, click Web Property > Overview > Edit Property > Privacy Management.

UI Settings

Customize the text and appearance of the opt-out window presented to site visitors.

Element Description

Display opt-out banner

Specifies whether to display an opt-out banner for site visitors. You can also select the banner location.


The text to display as the heading on the opt-out pop-up window shown to the visitor.

Introductory Text

The text to display as an introduction on the opt-out pop-up window shown to the visitor.

Banner Text

The text you want to display in the banner.

Custom Style Sheet

Lets you use CSS styling for the privacy management configuration window that the visitor sees.

Tool Settings

The tools that you deployed through dynamic tag management display under Tool Settings.

Privacy Manager API

If privacy management is enabled, developers will have access to the _satellite.privacyManager property. This property has the following methods.

Method Description


Opts out of any tool that is configured and belongs to category.

category must be one of "analysis", "ads", or "personalization".


Opens the notification banner or popup. If the style argument is provided, it overrides the configured style. The possible styles are top, bottom, and popup.


(If required.) The user has not seen the notification or the privacy settings have changed since he has seen it. This method opens the notification banner or popup. This is what dynamic tag management does by default.


Opens the Manage Preferences dialog.


Saves the privacy settings via a cookie, which includes the categories that are selected for opt-out, as well as the set of tools that are configured.

This is normally called by the privacy manager whenever the Manage Preferences dialog is shown and whenever the user opts out of a category. It can be used by developers if they develop a custom UI.


Returns whether the privacy settings have changed since the last time that savePrivacySettings() was called.