Link Tracking

Field descriptions in dynamic tag management for link tracking when deploying Analytics.

Property > Edit Tool > Link Tracking

Element Description
Enable ClickMap

Determines whether visitor click map data is gathered.

See trackInlineStats.

Track download links

Tracks links to downloadable files on your site.

See trackDownLoadLinks.

Download Extensions

If your site contains links to files with any of the listed extensions, the URLs of these links will appear in reporting.

See linkDownloadFileTypes.

Track outbound links

Determines whether any link clicked is an exit link.

See trackExternalLinks.

Single-Page App Considerations: Because of the way some SPA websites are coded, an internal link to a page on the SPA site might look like it is an outbound link.

You can use one of the following methods to track outbound links from SPA sites:

  • If you do not want to track any outbound links from your SPA, insert an entry into the Never Track section.

    For example,

    All # links to this host are ignored. All outbound links to other hosts are tracked, such as

  • If there are some links that you want to track on your SPA, use the Always Track section.

    For example, if you have a spa/#/about page, you could put "about" in the Always Track section.

    The "about" page is the only outbound link that is tracked. Any other links on the page (for example, are not tracked.

Note that these two options are mutually exclusive.

Keep URL Parameters

Preserves query strings.

See linkLeaveQueryString.