Create and Manage Groups in DTM

Create user groups, assign group members, and specify default roles.

Group management makes it easy to organize users and control their access levels. The Groups page lists all of the user groups that are set up within the account. Permissions are set at the user group level, so all users in the group inherit the group permissions.

To access the Groups page, from your company dashboard, click Groups.

This section contains the following information:

Default Roles

Dynamic tag management has five different user roles with varying sets of permissions:

The following table illustrates the permissions that each default role inherits:

User Role Create Rules Edit Rules Test Rules Approve Rules Publish Rules Create/Edit Users Create Property
User Yes Yes Yes
Approver Yes Yes Yes Yes
Publisher Yes Yes Yes Yes
Approver and Publisher Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Migrated Groups for Existing Customers

In addition to these default roles, if you are an existing dynamic tag management customer, you might see one or more migrated legacy groups with appended date and time stamps.

For example, Group - 2015-07-21 21:19:57:884.

If you are an existing customer and certain users have the User role for every property, these users are automatically migrated to the new User group. However, if other users have the User role for some properties and the Publisher role for other properties, they will be put into a migrated group with a date and time stamp. A legacy group will be created for each scenario in your system. In our testing, we have seen some companies with as many as ten legacy groups.

Another example is if you have users who have not accepted invitations to join your dynamic tag management company in the past and there are no matching default groups. These users, after accepting the invitations, will be added to legacy groups according to their associated properties and roles.

These legacy groups can be edited as needed and should be renamed with descriptive names that make sense.