Steps to deploy dynamic tag management using FTP (the push methodology).

The FTP Delivery hosting option lets you self-host the library files. When an authorized dynamic tag management user makes a change in the software, dynamic tag management writes those changes to the library files. When you host the library files on your servers with this option, dynamic tag management must get those changes to your servers. With the FTP Delivery hosting option, dynamic tag management connects to your system, using credentials and server locations you enter into the system, and delivers any changed files. In this way, whenever a change is made in dynamic tag management, the files you are hosting on your servers can be updated automatically.

You must be an administrator to be able to deploy via FTP.

  1. In the web property, click the Embed tab.
  2. Click FTP Delivery.

  3. Provide the required FTP information for the staging and production servers, then click Save FTP Information.
    Note: Click Enable Relative Hostnames for Staging and Production Library Hosting, if desired. Enabling relative hostname prepends the provided library paths with "window.location.hostname". This allows DTM to load hosted scripts from relative paths, giving you the ability to host your library without editing your path for each deploy.
  4. Toggle the switch in the top right corner to ON.
  5. Click Header Code and Footer Code to expand those sections.
  6. Click the appropriate Copy Embed Code button to copy header and footer codes for your staging or development environments.
    Note: The staging code should go only into your staging or development environment. Production code should be placed on the live production site.
  7. Copy the header code and place it within the HEAD section of the site HTML, on every page of the website. Place it as close to the beginning <head> tag as possible.
  8. Copy the footer code and place it within the BODY section of the site HTML, on every page of the website. Place it as close to the closing </body> tag as possible