Manage Users for DTM using the Legacy Process

Information to help you invite new users to Dynamic Tag Management.

Important: Before deciding to add users using either the Adobe Admin Console or directly in DTM, read the note in Manage Users.

Invite New Users to DTM using the Legacy Provisioning Process

  1. From your company dashboard, click Users.

  2. (Conditional) Click Restrict to Marketing Cloud to force all users in the company to log in to dynamic tag management using Adobe Marketing Cloud credentials rather than using the legacy/company login process.

    Important: If you are a DTM company admin, you must authenticate via the Marketing Cloud and have your DTM account linked before activating this option, otherwise you will essentially lock yourself out of DTM.

    If this option is selected, all users for the company must authenticate via the Marketing Cloud and link their DTM accounts. If users log in to DTM using legacy/company credentials, they will be able to view their company account, but they won't be able to access it. A message will display informing them that they must log in via the Marketing Cloud.

    The company admin can reverse this option at any time by deselecting this option.

    Note: This option is for current customers only. New customers provisioned to DTM will have user management and authentication automatically restricted to the Marketing Cloud and Adobe Admin Console.

    For more information about logging in to the Marketing Cloud, see Sign in to the Adobe Marketing Cloud. For more information about the Marketing Cloud, see the Marketing Cloud and Core Services Product Documentation.

  3. Click Invite User.

  4. Enter the user's email address.

  5. (Conditional) Select the group for the user.

    Group management makes it easy to organize users and control their access levels. Permissions are set at the user group level, so all users in the group inherit the group permissions, including access to specific properties.

  6. Click Invite User.

    An email message with a link is sent to the user. This email lets the user select a password and complete the setup process.

    Until the user completes this setup process, they appear in the Invited Users section on the Users tab. They move to Registered Users when the setup is complete.