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Ad Hoc Analysis helps you identify high-value customer segments with unlimited real-time visitor information, allowing you to drill down into the data to get deep, precise, and comprehensive views of your customers.

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On August 6, 2018, Adobe announced its intention to end-of-life Ad Hoc Analysis (formerly Discover). An end-of-life date will be shared once available. For more information, visit

Java 8 and Java 11 are the only Java versions compatible with Ad Hoc Analysis.

  • Starting with the April 11, 2019 release, you can run Ad Hoc Analysis on Java 11, in addition to Java 8.
  • You can seamlessly convert your Ad Hoc Analysis projects to Analysis Workspace projects. Click here to find out how!
  • Check out the section on Ad Hoc Analysis vs. Analysis Workspace: Analysis Workspace brings much of the Ad Hoc Analysis functionality into the browser workflow. While some terminology and features remain the same between the products, there are some new terms and approaches to analysis that are introduced in Analysis Workspace.
  • Getting Started

    Get help on logging in, running a report, and editing a user's account.

  • Administration

    Configure users and learn about data sampling.


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