Getting Started

You can perform instantaneous, advanced analysis on website activity. You can view multiple reports simultaneously and apply segments across multiple dimensions. You can analyze the data from both micro and macro perspectives to view their impact on your important business metrics.

These features enable you to answer questions about site traffic, visitor demographics, revenue, and product movement. You can then filter, sort, and segment your data to find the answers to precise questions. The results are returned almost instantaneously, enabling you to quickly analyze the effects of a combination of factors.

Getting Started Tasks Description

1. Log in to Adobe Analytics.

Go to and log in using your Adobe Analytics credentials. You can also log in from the Experience Cloud page by selecting the login link.

2. Launch Ad Hoc Analysis.

Click Adobe Analytics > Tools > Ad Hoc Analysis, and then click the Launch Ad Hoc Analysis button.
Note: If you do not see the Launch Ad Hoc Analysis button on this page, make sure the administrator added you to the Ad Hoc Analysis License User group in the Admin Tools.

3. Create a project.

On the start-up page, select a report suite, then click Create Project.

See Projects and Workspaces.

4. Open a report.

Search for a report using the standard Cloud report menu. You can also choose a template.

See Report Templates.

5. Configure the report.

Configure reports by performing tasks, such as:

Search this help system to locate the help you need.