What's New in Report Builder 5.4

Version 5.4 includes support for

Managing Segments across Requests

Prior to v5.4, Report Builder let users change segments on multiple requests. However, this process always replaced the existing segments. Users who wanted to add one new segment to each request could not do this, since adding the segment would remove the previous set of segments already assigned to each request.

Report Builder 5.4 lets you add, remove, replace, and replace all segment(s) within multiple requests:

  1. Select multiple requests in a workbook.
  2. Right-click and select Edit Requests > By Segment.

  3. In the Edit Group dialog, select one of the four options:
    Option Description
    Add Segment Lets you choose one or more segments to add to the list of current segment/s.
    Replace Segment(s) Lets you choose which segment/s to replace with one or more segment/s.
    Replace All Segments by Lets you choose one or more segments to replace the current segment/s with.
    Remove Segment(s) Lets you remove segments from the requests.

New link to the Adobe Community site

The new Adobe Community link under Help takes you to the Adobe Community Forum with the search narrowed to Report Builder issues. The Adobe Community is a great way to ask your Report Builder peers questions about the application and to find out about or share best practices.

Note: You can change to a different locale by going to the main Adobe Forums page, under International Forums.

Enhanced Login Security

In addition to a new login screen, the Standard Report Builder login features a more secure authentication process, based on the OAuth authorization framework.