1. Sign in and Navigate

Learn how to sign in and navigate around the Analytics interface.

Sign in to the Adobe Experience Cloud

You can user your Adobe ID to access all of the solutions to which you are provisioned in the Experience Cloud.

  1. Navigate to the Adobe Experience Cloud at <yourcompany>.marketing.adobe.com

  2. Sign in using your Adobe ID and password.

For administrative information about user and group management, see Users and Groups - Identity Management.

Navigate the Interface

Adobe Analytics is one solution in the Adobe Experience Cloud. You can access all of your solutions and services from the Experience Cloud drop-down menu.

To access Analytics, click the menu icon , then click Analytics.

Analytics Landing Page

Your landing page can be whatever report, project, or dashboard that you want, such as your Analysis Workspace projects page.

To specify a landing page:

  • In Analytics > Workspace, click Set as Landing Page from the initial Create New Project menu.

Navigation Menu

The top bar in Analytics provides navigation to the interfaces available in Analytics:

Element Name Description
Workspace Opens Analysis Workspace for creating Analytics projects, the recommended interface for Analytics.
Reports Opens Reports & Analytics, where you can run pre-built reports.

Opens Analytics features like Segments, Calculated Metrics, scheduling tools, and so on.


Provides access to Analytics interfaces and tools like Report Builder, Ad Hoc Analysis, Data Workbench, Data Warehouse, and Activity Map.


Opens Admin Tools for Analytics administrators.