Advanced Features

Unlimited Custom Dimensions to Include in Contribution Analysis

Some Adobe Analytics entitlements allow unlimited dimensions to determine contributing factors leading to the anomaly.

Top Segments Report

In some Adobe Analytics products, you can toggle to the Top Segments report within the Contribution Summary. This report identifies associations of top items based on the Contribution Score, anomaly occurrences, and overall percentage contributing to the anomalous metric. This report lets you see the overlapping association of items and then capture them as audience segments.

As with all visualizations, you can interact with the Top Segments report to drill down and find the relationships most relevant to you. You can then save valuable audience segments to the Analytics Cloud segment library to customize and employ throughout your system.

See Contribution Summary.

Additional Reports

Additional reports and visualizations are available to view and research top contributors, including a Tree Map and Scatter plot with individual trend lines and additional information to further identify and visualize contributions to the anomaly. Some implementations include all of the features of standard Adobe Analytics, plus the reports and visualizations detailed below.

See Contribution Drill-down for additional information.

Tree map visualization. Tree maps display a large amount of hierarchical, tree-structured data. The rectangles displayed are sized and ordered by a variable to depict quantity, with the levels of the tree map shown as rectangles within rectangles to define a hierarchy of values.

Scatter Plot visualization. This visualization plots dimension based on numeric values. The color coding assigned in the Contribution Summary is used to identify the dimension in the Scatter Plot.