Calculated Metrics Workflow

Step Workflow Task Description

Plan Calculated Metrics Especially for metrics that are going to be officially "approved", it makes sense to outline which calculated metrics will be widely used and how they will be defined.

Build Calculated Metrics

Build and edit calculated and advanced calculated metrics for use in Adobe Analytics components.

See examples of how to build calculated metrics.

Tag Calculated Metrics Tag calculated metrics for ease of organization and sharing. See how to plan and assign tags for simple and advanced searches and organization.

Approve Calculated Metrics Approve calculated metrics to make them canonical.

Apply Calculated Metrics You can apply metrics directly from a report, from the Metric Selector (to access it, click Show Metrics).

Share Calculated Metrics Share your metrics with the intended audience in other Analytics tools and to Adobe Target and the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Filter Calculated Metrics In the Metric Selector, click Advanced Selection and filter by tags, owners, and other filters (Show All, Mine, Shared With me, Favorites, and Approved.)

Mark Calculated Metrics as Favorites Marking metrics as favorites is another way to organize them for ease of use.