Run a Cohort Analysis report

Create a cohort and run a Cohort Analysis report in Analysis Workspace.

  1. In Analysis Workspace, click the Panels icon in the left rail and drag a Blank Panel to the canvas.

  2. Click Visualizations in the left rail, then drag a Cohort Table to the canvas.

  3. Specify a date range.
  4. Add metrics to the Inclusion and Return fields.

    These metrics group your users into a granularity buckets, based on an activity (such as placing an order).

    Element Description

    The time granularity of Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year.

    Inclusion Metric

    The metric that places a user in a cohort. For example, if the inclusion metric is Orders, only users who placed an order during the time range of the cohort analysis will be included in the initial cohorts.

    Return Metric

    The metric that indicates the user has been retained. For example, if the return metric is Video Views, only users who viewed videos during subsequent time periods (after the period in which they were added to a cohort) will be represented as retained. Another metric that quantifies retention is Visits.

  5. Click Run Report.

    The report shows visitors who placed an order (Included column), and who returned to your site in subsequent visits. The reduction in visits over time enables you to spot problems and take action.

  6. (Optional) Create a segment from a selection.

    Select cells (contiguous or noncontiguous), then right-click > Create Segment From Selection.

    This example segment would show all the visitors in January 2015, month 1 and 2.

  7. On the Segment Builder, further edit the segment, then click Save.

    The saved segment is available for use in the Segment panel in Analysis Workspace.

  8. Name and save your cohort project.
  9. (Optional) Curate and share the project components.
    Note: You must save your project before curation is available.