Apply a metric to multiple segments

Apply a metric to multiple-selected segments in Analysis Workspace. You can add a visualization, then lock the visualization to a cell in the freeform table.

  1. In a data table, drag a dimension to the freeform table.

    This example shows a data table named Memberships Revenue, with a Product Name dimension.

  2. Drag segments to the column headings, then use CTRL or Command + click to select each segment.

    This example shows customer membership levels (Gold, Diamond, and Platinum) segments selected.

  3. Drag a metric (like Revenue) below the selected date ranges.

  4. Optionally, add a date range:

  5. Add a visualization.

    Click Visualizations, then drag a visualization to the panel.

  6. Optionally, lock the visualization to a cell in the data table.

    Locking a visualization lets you control which data table (or cell in a table) to which the visualization corresponds. This feature is useful when you have multiple data tables and visualizations open in your project.