Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer

What are the Administration and access requirements for Analysis Workspace?

See Administration Requirements.

How many report suites can be displayed in an Analysis Workspace project?

Currently, you can display only one report suite per project.

How do you implement Analysis Workspace?

No special implementation is required. Analysis Workspace is available to all companies with Analytics Standard or Premium. However, standard permissions to content (such as report suites and project components) apply, and for curating and sharing projects. See Administration and Access Requirements.

Does Analysis Workspace change pre-configured reports in Adobe Analytics?

No. Because this is a separate environment, there are no changes to your existing or any pre-configured reports in Adobe Analytics. You can still employ standard Reports & Analytics and Report Builder reports using Analysis Workspace.

Can I use Analysis Workspace for Data Warehouse?

Analysis Workspace is not recommended for bulk data export. It is a visualization workspace creating dashboard-like analysis projects.

Are participation metrics available in Analysis Workspace?

No, not yet. Use calculated metrics instead.

How can I optimize performance of Analysis Workspace?

See Optimizing Performance.

How do Analysis Workspace capabilities compare to Ad Hoc Analysis?

See Analysis Workspace compared to Ad Hoc Analysis.