Run a Trend Report

This procedure describes how to run a Trend report.

  1. In the Analytics dashboard, click Trend Reports.
  2. From the Report Type drop-down list, select the desired type: Trait or Segment.
  3. Click the date boxes to display a calendar, then select the starting and ending dates for your report.
  4. Specify the display interval: by 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90-day.
  5. Search for a trait or segment by name or ID.
  6. From the folder list, drag and drop the traits or segments you want to report to the Selections panel on the right side.

    For best performance, run a Trend report on fewer than 20 traits or segments at a time.

  7. Click Graph Traits or Graph Segments, depending on which type of report you are viewing (Traits or Segments).

    These options ignore all folders and graphs only individually selected traits or segments.


    Click Export to CSV to export the trait or segment data and all folders in CSV format for further analysis and sharing. This exports the Unique Trait Realizations, Total Trait Realizations, and Total Trait Population for all day ranges.

    Note: Total Trait Realizations are calculated for Rule-based Traits only.
  8. (Optional) Mouse over individual traits or segments to display the number of visits and the date for each data point.

    You can click the column headers in the table to sort the results in ascending or descending order.

For Trended Trait reports, zeroes indicate that Audience Manager did not collect data for that day. Blank entries indicate that the trait didn't exist. The following example shows examples of both types of entries: